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11 July 2010 @ 07:49 pm


The first thing you need to do is to create a mood theme for your livejournal account. To do this, sign in to your livejournal and then follow these instructions.
  • Go to JOURNAL and then JOURNAL STYLE.

  • This will open an area in your LJ where you can edit your journal from. On the right you will see a link CUSTOMISE JOURNAL STYLE - click that.

  • Right, now you need to create a mood theme. Scroll down the page until you see the MOOD THEME area and click EDIT/CREATE CUSTOM MOOD THEMES.

  • This takes you to the CUSTOM MOOD THEME EDITOR - type the name of the mood theme you wish to create and then click, CREATE.

  • Right, now you can add images to your mood theme. You'll see a long list of moods with a blank space next to each one for a URL. You need to upload your images to an external host and then copy the URL over. Also, make sure you 'untick' each box.

  • Here is an example of what it should look like as you copy links across.

  • At the bottom of this page, after you've copied all the links across, you will see a button to SAVE your mood theme. Click this.

  • This will take you back to the mood theme page - all you need to do is click USE.


Uploading images: PAID ACCOUNT
  • All you have to do to upload an image for a paid account is to go to your scrapbook { PROFILE - UPLOAD TO SCRAPBOOK }
  • Select the image from your file and then click UPLOAD.

  • This will take you to ANNOTATE your image. Ignore that and just click on the image.

  • This will take you to another area. Ignore that and just click the image again.

  • Once again - you just need to click on the image.

  • Right, and here is your link. Copy and paste that into the mood theme as shown above.

Uploading images: FREE and SPONSORED ACCOUNT

You will need to use an external host to upload images if you do not have a paid account. There are plenty of options out there - the following are just a few.

| tinypic | imageshack | photobucketripway |

I'm going to use imageshack for this example.

  • Browse and upload your file as your normally would and then click UPLOAD.

  • What you're after is the DIRECT LINK.

THIS STILL ISN'T WORKING DAMMIT!!! { known issues and common questions }
  • QUESTION: I can see the name of the mood on my entries but NO IMAGE - WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME???
  • ANSWER: Some layouts for livejournal have commented the mood theme out of the stylesheet. To fix this, you are going to need to go back into the 'customise journal style' area.

  • Okay, now you need to go to CUSTOM CSS on the left sidebar.
  • In the box of text, search for 'mood' { ctl F will let you search for a word } - you're looking for a small section of text that looks like this:
  • It should read 
.currentlocation, .currentmood, .currentgroups, .currentmusic,
  • If it says anything else like, 'display : none' etc, just copy the text above and replace that section in your stylesheet.

Have a question? Feel free to ask it below and I'll do my best to answer it for you.
This code by Fruitstyle 

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